Quick Will for all Australians

This is the quickest and most comprehensive DIY Will Kit in Australia.

If you know what you wish to leave to who in your will, then it should not take you longer than 10 minutes to complete.

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Just complete this page to download (or email yourself) your will.

Complete Your Quick Will

Your will is a legal document. This Quick Will clearly lays out your wishes for how you would like your assets distributed after your death. You can nominate specific gifts to be received by beneficiaries, and you can name beneficiaries who will receive a share of your remaining estate.

If you need greater flexibility in creating your will, then we recommend that you try our Premium Will.

Please complete the information requested in the fields below. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required fields.

At the bottom of this screen are three buttons. The first will send you an email with your completed will attached, the second will download your completed will to your computer or device, the third will clear the form to let you create another will.

Your Details
Executor Details (You must appoint at least one Executor)

1st Choice Executor:

2nd Choice Executor (optional):

Guardians To look after your children (if you have any)

Specific Gifts (optional)

Enter each specific gift on a new line, and include details of the gift, who it should go to and who should get it if the first person dies before you.

Start each additional gift on a new line. You can add as many as needed.

Distribution of the Remainder of your Estate

This section is all about dividing up the remainder of your estate. Once your debts and liabilities are taken care of, and your specific gifts are distributed, the remainder of your estate will be divided among the following beneficiaries.

Regardless of how many beneficiaries you enter here, make sure the total of all shares adds up to 100%.

Beneficiary 1:

Personal Requirements

This section gives you space to let your executor and beneficiaries know of personal requirements you may have, such as funeral arrangements and organ donation wishes. You may also have general requirements, for example, a song that you would like played at your funeral ceremony.

Start each additional requirement on a new line. You can add as many as needed.